Calumet Run has something to offer every type of equine hobbyist or competitor. Calumet Run has 40 acres of pasture that includeswith an 8 stall barn equipped with feed room and tack room.

Pastures range from less than an acre to 15 acres. Horses are checked head to hoof every am and pm during feedings. Calumet Run has a cinder block barn complete with 8 matted stalls, feed area, large aisle, cross ties, and tack room. Each stall is 12 x12.

A new sand riding ring is available with lights. For those more casual riders we have several trails that lead around our pastures or you can venture out around the farmer's fields next door.

The majority of our horses are field boarded in our large lush fields with large run-in to accommodate the whole herd.

Beginning the spring of 2005 we began installing "safe fence" ( This is an electric fencing that is white and made for the horses to respect the boundaries that we request. It will not hurt them if they accidentally touch. We have been very pleasesd with the safety this offers.

Full Board - $500 monthly
  • 12 x 12 matted stalls.
  • Horses are brought in at night and turned out during the day. (Depending on the season)
  • Grain is fed twice daily from their stalls. Owner is to supply any supplements.
  • Hay is supplied each night, all night.
  • Blanket changes, boot changes, etc.
  • Pine bagged shavings
  • fees apply for additional services.

Field Board (with grain) - $300 monthly
  • Horses are turned out in one of our 3 large pastures or small paddocks 24/7/365
  • Run-in sheds are available in each field.
  • Large water tubs are kept clean and full.
  • Grain is fed twice daily from the pasture. Owner is to supply any supplements.
  • Fees apply for additional services.
  • There are no blanket changes made for this boarding option.
Jared & Taryn Fogg
E-mail: Calumet Run
Phone:( 856) 769-8004
Cell Phone: (609) 820-3827 or (609) 820-3795

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