I've known Taryn and her mom for over 10 years - we used to board our horses together in PA. Taryn's Mom ran a wonderful handicapped program there and passed her knowledge and love of horses onto Taryn. They are both good people and serious animal-lovers. Taryn is a no-nonsense manager with a strong equine educational background coupled with years of hands-on stable management experience. Her property is lovely - if I lived nearby and needed a place to board my horses, she's the first person I'd call. Any horse and boarder would be lucky to be part of the Calumet Run family.


Felicia Benson

Sunny Hill Farm, Coatesville, PA

Karen C.: My horse needed pasture rest while recovering from a ligament injury, so I brought him to Calumet Run. Calumet Run was quite a distance from my home, but I felt perfectly comfortable with my horse in Taryn's care. My horse had lots of grass, secure fencing, huge run-in shed and clean water. I don't think I could've placed him anywhere better. Whenever I hear of someone looking for pasture board, I always recommend Taryn.

At one point of my life I lived around 2 hours away from the farm and Taryn and Jared took very very good care of my horse. At any point I came to visit, unanounced,,,the water was always clean, he was blanketed or not and very well cared for and most of all loved very much. At one point, my horse did a silly thing by trying to run through a fence,,that silly Tb... anyway..they called the vet right away and cared for him and he recovered very well. I have a special place in my heart for Taryn and Calumet Run. They were there when I needed them always. i highly recommend this farm .

Susan Haberman

Livingston, NJ 07039

"If it wasn't for the care my horse "Marley" received at Calumet Run Farm, I don't think he would still be here! He was in his late 20's, extremely skinny and had diarrhea consistently when we arrived. Within a short time, Taryn not only put weight on him, but cleared his diarrhea as well. She was devoted to bringing him back to his weight by managing his feed intake and did whatever was necessary, including feeding additional times, beet pulp, etc. to help. The lush green grass was a major factor in his weight gain and diarrhea as well.

I highly recommend Calumet Run for any horse, either working or retired!"

Jen K.

"Calumet Run is hands down the best equine retirement a horse owner could ask for. My not so old and very spoiled TB has never been happier and has never looked better! I've enjoyed lay up, rehab and retirement board at Calumet for 3 years now and have never had a worry in the world. My horses are my children and Taryn treats each and everyone as if they were her own. Quality feed, 24 hour care, open communication and large grassy fields. Couldn't be happier"

Kate M.

I have known Taryn and Jared for over 18 years and have always found them to be very caring and knowledgable. They put a lot of time and care in for their borders and the facilities are absolutel wonderful. You could not ask for better care for your retired horses than Calumet Run. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a retirement home for their beloved equines.
Wendy B,

Jared & Taryn Fogg
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